Friday 16 May 2014

eServices Contract released!

Victorian government purchasers are required to engage suppliers of information and communication technology (ICT) products and services using a cloud based procurement platform called the eServices Register. The eServices Register provides a streamlined process for engaging suppliers of eServices.  It is mandatory to use for inner budget agencies and administrative offices as defined in the Public Administration Act 2004.

The eServices Contract was released on 8 April 2014,  it replaces an interim eServices Contract that was previously in place.  The contract was finalised after extensive consultation with various government and industry stakeholders.  The release of the contract means that government purchasers are able to approach suppliers for each procurement using a known set of terms. 

The contract is mandatory for use with all engagements under the eServices Register for  new procurements.  The interim contract can still be used for projects that were 'in flight'  at the date of the release of the final contract. 

What types of eServices are covered by the contract?

There are various categories of eServices that are covered by the eServices Contract.  These include:

  • Professional Services - that is, ICT consultancy services;
  • Cloud Services -  including Software as a Service (SaaS) or Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and related services;
  • Implementation Services - the implementation of new software applications.  It does not cover the implementation of commercial off-the-shelf software;
  • Development Services - the development of new software applications.  This does not include customising commercial off-the-shelf software;
  • Hosting Services - the hosting of an agency's software application or website on a supplier's server;
  • Managed Services - the management by a supplier of an agency's software application or function;
  • Maintenance and Support Services - maintenance and support services in relation to software; and
  • Hardware Services - maintenance and support services in relation to ICT hardware.  

The eServices Contract should not be used to purchase software licences (where there will be no associated eServices) or hardware.

Structure of Contract

The eServices Contract consists of the following documents (in descending order of priority):

  •  the eServices Terms;
  • the Contract Variables;
  • the Purchaser's Request; and
  • the Supplier's Response.

Each of these documents is explained below:

The eServices Terms

The eServices Terms are the standard terms and conditions for the eServices Contract.  The parties will not be able to negotiate or amend these terms.

The eServices Terms states that the Contract Variables, the Purchaser's Request and the Supplier's Response all form part of the contract.

The Contract Variables

The Contract Variables is the only document that can be negotiated by the parties.  It has been structured to enable the parties to specify:

  • the particular categories of sServices that apply under the contract; and
  • the specific arrangements that apply under the contract.

If the Contract Variables specify that specific categories of eServices apply, corresponding clauses in the eServices terms are adopted.

The Purchaser's Request

The Purchaser's Request is the document that invites suppliers to submit a bid for the services.  It is made available to suppliers via the eServices Register. 

It should specify, amongst other things, the scope of the services to be provided and the criteria that will be used to evaluate bids by the supplier. 

Common examples of a Purchaser's Request include:

  • Request for Tender (RFT);
  • Request for Quotation (RFQ); and
  • Request for Proposal (RFP). 

The Supplier's Response

The Supplier's Response is the document that comprises the bid that has been submitted by the preferred supplier on the eServices Register in response to the Purchaser's Request.  This document would normally provide a description of the approach that has been proposed by the supplier in delivering the project.

Further Information

If you would like to access the eServices Contract, it can be found on the eServices Register Gateway.

To discuss the eServices Contract or the eServices Register generally, please contact:

9947 1405

9947 1407

9947 1426

9947 1402

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